What is your deeper "Why"?

September 23, 2019
April 2, 2018

Sometimes just one sentence in a book can provide the answer to a pondering question. I am currently reading the book "Millionaire Success Habits", the gateway to wealth and prosperity by Dean Graziosi. Please don't let the title fool you. :) The reason I purchased it was not to find out how to become a millionaire. But more out of curiosity, after listening to some of what Dean shared in a very brief internet post.

Anyway, I started reading the book and there is section on "Why Is Your "Why" so important? according to Dean there are 7 leading questions that you must answer in order to find the true answer. We all have reasons why we secretly hold a passion for something in life. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to figure it out. There are obstacles that you encounter that change the course of your race and you suddenly divert  from your true course. The course that will ultimately lead you into a life that is fulfilling and prosperous. The 7 leading questions you must answer are 7 questions deep! in other words, the answer to the first question opens up the window to another question then another until you get to the real answer to your why!

As I place the book on the side of my bed and grab a notebook and start answering one question after another, I discover that the real answer is inside me. The answer brings tears to my eyes, and I pause and grab the book again. I think, "I'm not following the instructions, someone is supposed to ask me the questions and I am supposed to answer each one". But that's not so, it is just an excuse to push aside the discovery of my real answer. The answer to "My Why". The why that since very young has always driven me to do the things I do, my drive, my passion to help others, my desire to be financially well off but not for me alone but to have the ability to serve others. I know what you are thinking, you don't need money to help others and you are absolutely right! You can contribute your time volunteering, helping others. However, being financially stable does provide one with the ability to fulfill your personal dreams and also start an initiative that will uplift others. You can do this alone, however, it is much more fulfilling when you can partner with others with the same vision, help them at the same time and build on an effort in which all can benefit.

~ Diana