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We provide comprehensive guidance and support in developing and refining business strategies, planning, problem-solving, and training, with a focus on effective people management and skill development.

Our partnership with clients extends to various areas including people management, payroll services, business design, and marketing planning. For individuals re-entering the workforce, we offer tailored guidance to help them acclimate to the workplace environment, continue skill development, and progress in their careers.

Small Business Consulting

To kickstart your business, a well-defined plan and strategy are crucial, outlining your vision, goals, and the path to achieving them. Our guidance focuses on simplifying the process, helping you craft a straightforward yet effective business strategy to propel your venture forward. Complexity isn't necessary; we'll show you how to begin planning today, ensuring dividends in the years to come.

Proper business planning will:
* Clarify your vision
* Explore the right business model for your venture
* Establish both long-term and short-term goals
* Define your revenue and expense model
* Assess the competitive landscape
* Facilitate brainstorming for new products and services
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Professional career and business consultants offering a range of resources, strategies, skills, and career coaching programs tailored to propel you toward success in both business and your professional endeavors.
Are you amidst a life transition or contemplating changes in your career?
Do you have significant professional aspirations that have been on hold?
We're here to assist you in:
* Crafting a clear vision for your future
* Identifying your values, strengths, and objectives
* Establishing effective time management techniques
* Cultivating a healthy work-life balance
* Navigating transitions with resilience
* Managing stress effectively

Our coaching program is designed to provide clarity, develop actionable plans, and facilitate progress. Choose from personalized one-on-one sessions or participate in team sessions where you can share experiences, grow, and engage with peers undergoing similar transitions or embarking on new life ventures. We are dedicated to supporting you through every stage of your career journey, from college students to emerging leaders. Our collaborative efforts aim to provide mentorship, networking opportunities, and leadership training to empower you to achieve your fullest potential. Our meetings typically encompass the following:

Our meeting consists of the following:

Public Speaking Sessions

Master public speaking, improve your communications skills, conflict management and resolution, and giving feedback with the help of our expert coaches.

Monthly Virtual Touch Base Meetings

Monthly follow up meetings to check in on you and continue supporting your professional development. 


One on One Sessions

Discounts & Resources

Access to product discounts and professional resources to help you in your personal and professional growth.

Financial Education Workshops

Workshops which are an important component to stay abreast of your finances.

Financial Planning Guidance

We can teach you how to become economically independent by creating fiscal goals, building budgets and investing in their future. 

People Operations
Consulting And Training

Payroll Services

We provide the management and support to your small or mid-sized organization so you can focus on the growth of your organization. we will ensure that your organization is in compliance with workplace laws and keep you abreast of how changes to these laws can affect you. We have affordable rates with experienced human resources professionals.  Let us keep you in compliance with Federal, State, and local regulations.  We have the cost-effective solution for your small business.

First Step: The Key to Your Business’ Success.
An assessment of your current policies and procedures to help identify your current needs, prioritize projects and plan for the growth of your business.

Second Step:
The Path to Growth.
We will work with you and your department heads to ensure compliance with employment regulations and promote positive work experiences with progressive employment policies. We will provide you with the customized materials and documents that fit your organization’s culture and needs.  

Third & Last Step: Partnership
On going support you can rely on - In Person / Phone / Virtual

List of Services 
People Operations Consulting & Management 
Training - Diversity & Inclusion, Unconscious Bias, Communications, Leadership, Manager Training
Customized Policies and Procedures Development
Customized Employment Documents
Organization Handbooks 
Job descriptions   
Employee discipline
Employee terminations
Employee performance evaluations
Employee Grievances / Investigations

Small business payroll support to free up time that can be spent marketing your business, serving customers, and driving revenue and growth. We make it as easy and fast as possible.

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