How to be a financially successful woman?

March 11, 2015

Successful Keys

  1. "Have a positive vision of the future and work hard for it." Oprah Winfrey, one of the richest women in the world and among the richest in the United States, was born in poverty in Mississippi, raped at age 9 and became pregnant at age 14. Her son died shortly Time to be born. She made her way into the media until she became the first woman of color to become a billionaire. Your financial tip? In addition to having hundreds of tips on her website , she claims that her secret in business is 'thinking big'.
  2. "Find your purpose in life, develop your potential and be happy." Yenny Castañeda has been, for four consecutive years, the highest income woman in Latin America in marketing networks. He is a coach in leadership and a member of the John Maxwell Team. He grew up in Tunja in a middle-class home, studied bacteriology and worked in a clinic in Bogota. She discovered that success was not in imitation, that she was not copying what others did (men or women), but to find her purpose for life, to develop her potential as much in herself as in others and to be very happy .
  3. "It does not matter to start small, but to want to be big". It is a barranquilla, but it is not Shakira (another hyperexitosa woman). María de Chávez, founder of Jolie de Vogue, the famous cosmetics firm, literally started her business in a garage in the Santafé neighborhood in Bogota, where they prepared the nail polish in cooking pots. Last year it sold its company to the French multinational L'Oréal, for a figure that is unknown. Business from woman to woman, because L'Oréal is also a lady: Liliane Bettencourt, who in 2012 ranked 15th among the richest in the world.