12 Keys to being a successful woman

March 11, 2015

Aspects such as work, family, friends, study, among others; Are the different ranges that for the woman is important. But the real key to success lies in achieving balance and harmony between them.

It represents a very great conflict for the woman to have to make a decision between family and work life, including everything that surrounds her. Gone is the idea of ​​the selfless woman sacrificing for the children and the whole family. At present, there are examples of many women who have organized and managed to balance the various planes of their lives.

Another aspect to overcome is the false ideology that has had for generations, which in many women causes feelings of guilt, because they continue to think that the responsibility for the care of children and the family, in general, is theirs. Because of this they stop their growth, not only at the professional level, but also as human beings.

The keys we give below can help many women to be clear about the key that opens the door to success.

  • Take some time to be alone. It is always good to take that breath, to be with you for a few hours, for several days, allows you to find yourself again to rethink goals and objectives.
  • Surround yourself with people you admire. This is a good dose of motivation. Surrounding people who can prove to be a guide in many ways will allow ideas and goals to be more concrete.
  • Avoid being with harmful people. It is a fundamental factor not to be surrounded by depressing and negative people who instead of helping to meet the goals turn out to be an obstacle.
  • Eat well. It is essential to always have energy and good health.
  • Exercise. Doing this is the best way to stay active and in balance, both physical and mental.
  • Sleeping long enough. To recover from the whole trajectory of the day, to have the mind and body rested in order to have much energy to carry out all activities.
  • Keep learning. Continuing with learning helps to increase knowledge and thus move towards new goals.
  • Creativity. Make use of ingenuity to face the challenges that arise in personal and work life.
  • Vocation. It is very important to do what you really enjoy and enjoy.
  • Productivity. Through successful proposals and solutions the benefit will be present and with it the growth.
  • Competences. The combination of knowledge and skills is acquired over time, is the result of experience, in the field of work is a fundamental requirement to succeed.
  • Think big. Everything starts with a dream and a desire, this must be projected to the outside. Once great things are intended, one begins to look for the necessary tools to carry it out.

The 7 keys to opening the door to success

The success does not arrive only, is sought, so we present 7 important points to reach it:

  1. Decision and action capacity
  2. Enthusiasm
  3. Trust
  4. Responsibility
  5. Beauty
  6. Patience
  7. Intelligence

Success is a synonym for triumph and this comes when the goals and goals set in a project of life are fulfilled. To break with the ideas of the past where the woman is only a symbol of obedience, sacrifice, service and also responsible for the functioning of a social nucleus such as the family; it has not been easy.

Today the struggle of women to achieve recognition of their work, their work spaces, respect in the family relationship, Continues, but above all to demonstrate their capabilities in all areas of life.

A woman who develops her emotional intelligence and is satisfied with what she has achieved is a happy and fulfilled woman.