July 29, 2018

Open Healing Group

Come join & support Eva Romero, Founder of Hands of touch -  An intensive and sacred space of Open Healing, where the participants receive a Sound Healing Reiki Session, and share a moment of silence and recollection, under an atmosphere impregnated with Energy of the High Dimension.

* For those who need to reconnect with your body Regeneration of vital energy reconnecting with your health.

* For those who have goals to energize.For those who need to leave behind noxious emotions.

* To decongest the restless mind.

* To reconnect with the inner wisdom.

~~ A Soul Tribe ~~

* Space is limited. * Bring your intentions, journal, water and yoga mat.

All are welcome.

Get your ticket now via Eventbrite for $25 ~ Soul Tribe

or $35 at door

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