February 9, 2020

2020 Annual Action (Vision) Board Workshop

2020 Your Year Of Focus & Clarity!

Start the year with intention. Join us for a  Sunday afternoon sharing your goals & dreams for 2020!  Network and make new friends while brainstorming with other liked minds.  

We will help you elevate your level of certainty by the power of visualization.

Come learn how to put the magic of visualization work for you as we create an action (vision) board together!

We will touch on all aspects of Faith, Family, Finances, Branding, Entrepreneurship, Education and Health.  

Take time out for yourself a priority for 4 hours and enjoy a fun, inspiring afternoon that is all about you!

In this interactive workshop, you will learn to:

-- Redefine You

-- Refocus on what matters most to you

-- Reframe Your 2020 Goals & Dreams

-- Visualize: Bringing your vision and thoughts into reality.

-- Conceptualize: Be specific with your goals

Early Bird Investment Fee $50 ends 12/15/19 ($60 after 12/15/19)

Investment In You Includes:

1. Workshop lead by an expert vision board moderator & coach -- will provide on the spot coaching to provide guidance.

2. Meditation Session led by certified instructor to set the mood for you to relax and focus on what you want to manifest

3. Motivational Guest Speaker

4. Complimentary gift bag filled with everything you need to take action on your extraordinary vision

5. Refreshments & Light Brunch

6. Raffles & music to set the mood

All in an atmosphere full of love, positive vibes and a leadership team that will support you.

What do you bring? A positive attitude, lots of great energy and an open mind.  Oh! and let's not forget a picture of you to place on your board.

****Please feel free to bring your own magazines.

Share this invite among your friends, family and your network.

For any questions about event and venue location please contact: Diana and Louise 914-437-7375.

Event Location : New York City (Venue to be announced)

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